Saturday, 2 April 2016

Beliram Gosht

This is Chef Kunal Kapoor"s recipe from yellow table!
This is a delicious mutton dish cooked in slow fire without using water!
The cooked mutton has the flavour and  aroma of roasted and crushed whole coriander seeds and cumin seeds!
The dish does not have garam masala or any whole spices!

Mutton-1 kg,
Whole coriander seeds-3 tbsp,
Whole cumin seeds-1 tbsp,
Onion- 3- sliced,
Onion-3 sliced and then fried,
Ginger-1 inch-grated or 1 tbsp,
 Garlic-1 tbsp paste,
Red chilli pwd-1 tsp,
Turmeric pwd-1/2 tsp,
Black pepper pwd-1 tsp,
Coriander pwd-2 tsp,
Yogurt-200 gms or 1 bowl,
Green chilli-2 split,
Salt to taste,
Oil or ghee for frying onions,
Ghee or oil -2 tbsp-(use the oil or ghee left after frying the onions)

Note: you can marinate the mutton with all the above ingredients and put it in the fridge overnight and make it the next day.
Make sure to leave it for an hour for the marinated mutton to come to room temperature after taking it out from the fridge.

Roast the coriander seeds and cumin seeds for 3 minutes on high heat or till it starts to crackle and slight change in colour.

Take out in a plate to cool.
Grind it coarsely for few seconds in a grinder or pestle.
Keep aside in a bowl.

In the same kadhai heat 2 tbsp of ghee and 2 tbsp of oil for frying the sliced onions to light brown.

It will take 7 to 8 minutes to brown the onions.

Once the onions are brown, place the onions to one side and tilt the kadhai to drain out excess oil.
Let the brown onion cool in a plate.
Wash the mutton and leave it in a sieve for 15 minutes to drain out excess water.
Take a bowl and add mutton,beaten curd,ginger and garlic paste,slit green chilli,crushed roasted coriander and cumin seeds,coriander pwd,turmeric pwd,red chilli pwd,salt, sliced onions and 2 tbsp of oil or ghee.(use the oil or ghee of the fried onions)

Mix all and leave it to marinate for an hour at room temperature.

Heat a kadhai and place the marinated mutton on high heat.

Cover and let the mutton come to boil.
Mix and stir the mutton as it starts to boil.
Lower the heat and cover.
Let it cook on simmer over low heat for 40 minutes.
Stir again and put a heated tawa beneath the kadhai.
Let it cook for another  20  minutes covered.
Taste salt and check if the mutton is tender.
If done close gas and let it stay on the tawa for another 10 minutes.

Since this dish has a thick gravy,it goes very well with roti or paratha!

Wednesday, 3 February 2016


I have already made rasmalai using a cooker but this method is more authentic and the result is mouth melting Rasmalai.
As the name suggests Rasmalai should be soft, tender and melt in mouth.

Ingredients for rabri or ras.
Full cream milk-1 litre,
Sugar-4 tbsp,
Saffron-a pinch(optional),
White caradamom pwd-1/4 tsp.

Ingredients for the paneer disc
Cow milk-1 litre,
Vinegar-2 tbsp,
Plain water-1/2 cup,
Ice cubes - 14 to 16 -medium size bowl,
Plain muslin cloth and a strainer to strain the paneer

Ingredients for boiling the paneer discs
Plain water-6 cups+1 cup,
Sugar-1 cup,
White cardamom pwd-1/4 tsp.

Note-The secret to soft rasmalai is soft paneer.If the paneer is hard then the rasmalai will be hard and will break  while boiling.
Cow milk is used as it has less fat and is sweet and nutritious.

Method to make paneer or cottage cheese.
Take a heavy bottom pan and put 1 liter of cow milk to boil.

In another small bowl mix 2 tbsp of vinegar and 1/2 cup of water.

As the milk starts to boil,close gas and pour 1/2 cup of plain water.

Mix and add half of vinegar water mix.

Stir with laddle and you will see the milk separating.

Add only half of what is left of the vinegar mix as now the milk is fully separated.

Once the milk is fully separated add the ice cubes to bring the temperature down to stop the process of cooking.

This process is important as at this point the texture of paneer is formed.

Keep ready a muslin cloth on a strainer on top of a saucepan.

Pour the paneer mixture on to the muslin cloth.

Discard the water collected in the saucepan.
Place the paneer under the running tap to remove any trace of vinegar.

Tie the muslin and leave it to hang for an hour so that all the water drips out.

Rabri or ras
Usually rabri is milk cooked on low heat to get a thick consistency but for rasmalai the consistency is not  thick as the paneer discs are soaked in it.
Boil full cream milk in a heavy bottom pan.

As the milk starts to boil ,lower the heat and let it simmer for 50 to 55 minutes.
Keep stirring from time to time  so that milk does not  stick to the bottom.
After 20 minutes add a pinch of saffron to give the authentic yellow colour(optional)
Once the milk is reduced and the consistency is of pouring,close gas.
Add 4 tbsp of sugar and 1/4 tsp of cardamom pwd.

Mix and leave it to cool.

Making of paneer disc:
After the paneer has hung for an hour in a muslin cloth, hold the cloth from the top and squeeze out any excess water.
Place the muslin on a towel in the center and cover it from one side.

Lightly press and using the side of the palm press gently to remove any moisture in the paneer.
Flip side and likewise press to remove any moisture.
The towel helps in soaking the moisture.
Once the moisture is removed,remove the muslin cloth and place the paneer in a plate.

Using the edge of your palm,lightly knead the paneer for 5 minutes to make it smooth.

The paneer has to be pressed with a light hand.
After 5 minutes gather it to form a log and divide it into 10 equal parts.
Make rounds walnut size balls using both your palms.
It will be a little sticky but use the back of a knife to clean it.
Make smooth balls and then lightly press it to form small discs.
Once all the discs are formed,keep it aside.

Place a big size deep pan on gas.
Pour 6 cups of water ,1 cup of sugar and 1/4 tsp of cardamom pwd.

Stir with a laddle to help the sugar mix quickly.
Once the sugar is dissolved,cover with a lid and let it come to boil.
As it starts to boil,remove 1 and 1/3 cup of the water mixture in a medium size bowl.

Put 1 cup of water again in the pan to replace the water which we have taken out.
(The water which we have taken out will be used to soak the paneer disc once they are cooked)
Cover with lid and let it boil again.
As the water starts to boil,add the paneer disc one by one.
Cover with a lid and on high heat let it boil for 10 minutes.
After 10 minutes close the gas.
The small disc have now doubled in size.Close gas. 

Remove the lid and using a flat spatula or a wide spoon remove the paneer discs to soak in the water syrup kept in the medium size bowl.

Let it soak in the bowl till they are cool to room temperature.

Take a serving bowl and pour the rabri in it.
If the rabri is too thick add a little milk.
Take out each paneer disc from the water syrup and lightly squeeze out the excess water by placing it between both the palms.
Dip it in the rabri and let it soak for another half hour or keep in the fridge to cool.
If the rabri has become too thick,add little cold milk.
Best if made a day before.

Makes 10 rasmalai.
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