Thursday, 24 July 2014

Veg biryani

Thanks Ambika for sharing the recipe of this delicious veg biryani!

Basmati rice-1 and 1/3 cup of rice or 1 cup,
Potato- 2 small or 1 medium size-peeled  and cubed into small pieces,
Cauliflower-1 medium size-small florets,
Carrot-1-peeled and chopped into small pieces,
Long beans or green beans-100 gms or 1 cup-ends trimmed and then chopped,
Onion- 1-finely chopped,
Ginger -1 tsp,
Garlic- 1 tsp,
Red chilli pwd-1/4 tsp,
Turmeric pwd-1/2 tsp,
Coriander pwd-1 tsp,
Garam masala pwd-3/4 tsp,
Amchoor dry mango pwd-a pinch,
Oil -4 to 5 tbsp,
Ghee-1 tsp,
Salt to taste,
Cumin seeds-1 tsp,
Black pepper-8,
White cardamom-4,
Black cardamom-4,
Mace or javitri-1 piece
Whole spices -white cardamom pwd-1/4 tsp,cloves-2,cinnamon-2 sticks.
Water-double the quantity of rice.

Wash and soak rice for 1/2 hr.
Heat 2 tbsp of oil in a non stick kadhai.
As oil heats up,add cauliflower.
Lower the heat and cover for 5 minutes.
Keep tossing the vegetable in between till  they are tender and light brown in colour.
Take out in a plate and then add 1 tbsp of oil and fry and cook the cubed potatoes the same way.
Once the potatoes are tender and light brown in colour,take them out in the same plate.
Add 2 tbsp of oil and as oil heats up,add the finely chopped onions.
Once the onions are light brown,add carrot and beans.

Cover for few minutes and let it cook on low heat.
Stir after a minute.
The carrots and beans will be a little crunchy.
Remove the lid.
Add salt,1/2 tsp of turmeric pwd,1/4 tsp of red chilli pwd,1 tsp of coriander pwd,1 tsp of ginger  paste and 1 tsp of garlic paste , 3/4 tsp of garam masala pwd and a pinch of amchoor.
Add the fried cauliflower and potatoes too.
Cover for few minutes and the remove the lid.
Fry the masala in low heat till it evenly coats the vegetables and the sides leave oil.
Close gas.
In another pan add 1 tsp of ghee.
As ghee heats up,add 1/2 tsp of cumin pwd,4 cloves,2 white cardamom,2 black cardamom,8 peppercorn and 1 whole javitri.

Stir and as cumins change colour add rice and fry for few minutes till  light cracks appear on rice.
Close gas.
Heat a deep non stick pan and add water, double the amount of rice.(for 1 cup of rice-2 cups of water)
Add a pinch of cardamom pwd,2 cloves and 2 cinnamon sticks.

As water starts to boil,lower the heat and add rice and the fried vegetables.
Mix and taste the boiling water and then add salt.
Cover and let it cook on simmer for 5 minutes.
Leave the lid a little ajar for the steam to let out.
After 5 minutes check the donness of the rice.
Close gas,once the rice is cooked.
Close the lid and leave the biryani in the pan for  10 minutes.
Before serving the biryani,mix it lightly with a flat spatulla.
Enjoy this delicious biryani with onion raita.
Makes for 5 servings.
Note:You can add little salt while stirring and frying the vegetables.

Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Mango pickle

Thanks Bibha Di for sharing your recipe!
Mango pickle has turned out very well and the combination of all the spices and salt is perfect!

Raw mango with stone(pickle variety) -2 and 1/2 kg-chopped and cubed into medium size pieces,
Yellow or black mustard seeds or sarsooo-200 gms or 28 tbsp,
Salt-200 gms or 1 small katori,
Turmeric pwd or haldi pwd- 3 tbsp,
Fenugreek seeds or methi seeds-25 gms or 4 and 1/2 tbsp,
Dry red chilli-25 gms or 40 dry red chilli with dry stick(remove the stick before roasting),
Fennel seed or sauf seeds-25 gms or 6 tbsp,
Onion seeds or kalonji -25 gms or 5 tbsp,
Carom seeds or ajwain seeds-25 gms or 6 tbsp
Mustard oil-1 and 1/2 litre.

Note-This makes one full 5 litre jar pickle.Just half the recipe to make in small quantity.
I have made in two separate jars leaving some space on top.
Mango pickle is made after the first monsoon rain in the month of July.
Keep all the utensils clean and washed with hot water.
Wipe with clean cloth or keep under the sun to dry out.
Spices have to be prepared before you start making the pickle.
Wash the mustard seeds,onion seeds and carom seeds separately and dry them outside in the sunlight area.
Make sure to clean and remove any stones in them. 

Have the raw mangoes cut into cube size pieces by the vegetable vendor.
Discard the stone.
Wash it under the running water to remove all the dust and dirt.
Remove all the black spots or stems and then again give a proper rinse.
Keep the cut mangoes in a strainer to drain out excess water. 
Spread paper on a large tray and lay a clean washed muslin cloth on top.
Spread the washed mango pieces on the white muslin cloth and leave it overnight under the fan to dry or in sunlight for few hours.
Keep washed clean jars ready.
Take a large bowl and transfer the dry mangoes in it.
Add 200 gms salt or 1 katori salt and 3 tbsp of turmeric pwd.
Mix with a wooden spoon to evenly coat all the mango pieces.
Transfer the mango pieces to the clean jars.
Cover the mouth of the jar  with a muslin cloth.
Leave it outside in the sunlight area for 2 days.
The mango pieces will leave its moisture and the salt water will collect at the bottom of the jar.The salted water will be used to bind the coarsely ground pickle masala.
Take out the mango pieces and spread it again on the muslin cloth for the mango to dry out under the fan overnight or during the day in the sunlight.
Transfer the dry mangoes to a large bowl
Keep aside the salted water of the jar in a clean bowl( cover with plate or cloth)
Pickle masala-
Dry roast red chilli in a pan or tawa for few seconds till you see get the aroma of the chillies.
Take out in a plate to cool.

Dry roast the fenugreek seeds till the colour changes (few seconds-keep stirring the spices)
Take out in a plate to cool.
Dry roast the fennel seeds till the colour changes( few seconds)
Take out in a plate.
Run the grinder and grind mustard seeds into a coarse pwd.
Take out in a plate.

Grind the roasted fenugreek pwd into coarse pwd.
Take out in a plate.
Grind half the roasted  fennel seeds into coarse pwd and take out in a plate.
Grind the red chilli into coarse pwd and take out in a plate.
Heat mustard oil a kadhai and when fumes start coming out,close gas and leave it to cool.
Take a bowl and mix all the coarsely grounded mustard pwd,red chilli pwd,fenugreek pwd,coarsely grounded fennel  pwd, roasted fennel seeds,onion seeds and carom seeds.
Stir the salted turmeric water in the bowl.

Gradually add the salted turmeric water to the spice mix till the mixture just binds together(1/4 will be left in the bowl-this can be discarded)
Take each mango piece and fill the spice mix at the top or  coat all around(If you mix the spices and cut mango all together and pour oil over it,then the spice mix will settle at the bottom of the jar)
Place the stuffed mango pieces on a tray and leave it for an hour in the sun.
Place the mango pieces in the jar.
Gradually pour the cooled mustard oil till all the mango pieces are covered with oil.
Do not close the lid but tie the mouth of the jar with a muslin cloth.
Place the jar in sunlight for ten days.
Once the pickle is ready,remove the cloth and put the lid on.
Enjoy the mango pickle with puri,paratha,rice or any vegetarian meal.

This Pickle will last for last for a year.

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